Candice & Ian, Filoli

I've been eyeing Filoli estate as a potential engagement location for some time, and finally I got a couple who were a total game for it. Just to give you some background info, construction of Filoli (located in Woodside, CA and designed by Willis Polk) began back in 1915, and the owners moved into the house in 1917. An inventive architect, Polk frequently combined several styles in a single building, an eclecticism clearly evident in his work. Bruce Porter, a talented stained-glass artist, painter, muralist, landscape designer, and art critic, was enlisted to plan the layout of the extensive formal garden that was built between 1917 and 1929. In 1975, the property was donated to the National Trust for Historic Preservation for the enjoyment of future generations. And enjoyment it was; we got there there during peak bloom so it was really hard to choose one single best spot for portraits. The property has very strict rules, even after paying a hefty fee for a photo permit, you only get an hour to shoot, and you can't go inside the buildings or step outside the pathways. I'd certainly love to stay there all day but even within a short time, we managed to get a wide variety of shots, will definitely come back (drop me a note if you want to book a session there)!