Frances and Rob, Lands End

I often get asked about how much time is needed for a typical engagement session, and the answer is always different. Depending on the number of locations and outfit changes, it could be as little as 45 minutes, or as long as 3-4 hours. Sometimes it's a matter of getting to a specific location, for example, hiking to the top of your favorite hill to get that view might take a while but it's all worth it! Sometimes I have couples that are trying to fit in as many different places as possible (I don't blame them, this city is so damn beautiful!), and we take a few photos here and there. As always, it's all about the quality not the quantity so if there is a place that's particularly meaningful to you, I'm happy to stay there the whole time.

With Frances and Rob, we had an hour and a half so we started by doing some classy clean shots at the Legion of Honor, and then, after a quick change, we walked down to the beach at Lands End to get the ocean view and the maze. Probably about 30 minutes at the first location, 30 minutes for changing/hiking, 30 minutes at the second site. Hope this was helpful, and look forward to my future posts when I'll break down the perfect wedding day timeline.